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Nick Smith Associates are specialist exterior lighting consultants set up by its founder Nick Smith in July 2004. The company is based in Chesterfield but operates all over the UK. Nick Smith Associates principally carries out street lighting design, highway lighting design sports floodlighting for clients who require who require a lighting designer or lighting consultant to deal with the lighting requirements associated with their project, be it to either private, secured by design, BS5489 or to adoptable section 38 lighting design standards. Nick Smith Associates has good working relations with most Local Authorities within the UK. We continue to provide lighting impact assessments to form part of an environmental impact assessment (EIA) or as a seperate lighting impact assessment for new and existing installations, looking at how the lighting and lighing design impact on the surroundings. We do work for Local Authorities, Developers, Consultants, Architectural practices and Manufacturers who require the expertise offered by a Exterior Lighting Consultant. We use the latest computer design techniques offered within AutoCAD 2013, Keylights, AGI32, Autolux and Lighting Reality to prepare our designs with three dimensional masking being applied to show the actual effect buildings will have on the distribution of modern exterior lighting equipment.

Our Lighting consultants and Lighting Engineers who have been involved in the lighting industry doing street lighting design and road lighting design for over 20 years and have experience in most disciplines within the lighting industry within the UK.

At Nick Smith Associates we offer the complete lighting design solution.

The 2016 courses are now been planned Nick Smith Associates will organise and run these courses.

Our range of services consist of Lighting Design consultant, street lighting design, road lighting design, electrical design consultants Lighting design,  Street Lighting Designer,  Lighting Impact assessments, Lighting Engineers, Section 38 Lighting Design, Section 278 Lighting Design, Lighting to secured by design, Road lighting Consultant, Sports lighting Designer,  Area lighting Designer Flood lighting Design Consultant, Lighting Designer and Engineer Training  Lighting consultant Lighting design Designer. Lighting impact assessments, environmental impact assessments (EIA)